Our Programs 

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Cross Roads

Cross Roads is a program at Rise Above designed for high school students who have been suspended (for 15 days or more) or expelled from school. Students are given the opportunity to stay current on their schoolwork, either by completing assignments from their regular teachers during a suspension or engaging in an online program when expelled. The goal is always to return students to their schools prepared to be successful.

How does it work?
Cross Roads is a FREE program. Students are placed in small classes (6-8 students) with a teacher. They complete classes assigned to them by their sending school district. Counseling services and life skills classes are also a part of Rise Above’s curriculum.


Monday-Friday 9 am — 2:30 pm


936 Fleming Ave. Jackson MI
Transportation is NOT provided.

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Success Is Building

Everyday we come together as a group where different members of our staff and community share life skills. This can be interviewing, resumes, financials, budgeting, art, YMCA, nutrition, hygiene, parenting, dating, group counseling, mental health and many more.

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Reaching Higher

This is our after school program that allows Rise Above to build stronger relationships with the students through games, volunteering and learning activities. It also includes a voluntary faith-based program that will allow Rise Above students to explore their trust, faith, and belief in a Holy God.

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